Meet Joe Black

Shear bordom at the computer can make you do a lot of things. Namely, me going to my newly acquired blog and writing a long, in-depth review on one of my favorite movies of all time: “Meet Joe Black”.

Now, what’s so special about a drama film that most people have never even heard of. Even mentioning this movie with my film buddies, they look at me dumbfounded and swear they have never even heard the title. I came across it a couple years ago by my brother (and up till that time I think its safe to say, I only enjoyed the action-packed films like Star Wars). This movie left a great impact on me. It made me appreciate drama films. This one in particular has to be now up in my top 3 list of movies of all time. But its “unpopularity” made it popular to me. I love it.

The film is about Bill Perrish, a media tycoon, is about to celebrate his 65th birthday when he begins to hear a voice, which he passes off as a hallucination. Later, Death itself enters his life in the form of a handsome man Bill’s family and friends come to call, Joe Black. (Made in 1998)(Running time: 3 hours). It stars and co-stars established actors like Brad Pitt (who plays Death), Anthony Hopkins, Claire Forlani, Marcia Gay Harden, Jake Weber, and Jeffery Tambor. The film is three hours long, and has only seven (or so) locations in total! This film is a epic-dramatic-piece of art!

One of the major elements of the movie I really love is the acting. I am definitely no fan of Brad Pitt, which made me reluctant to watch the movie at first, but his acting in this film is…outstanding! I was taken aback by the amount of character and ingenuity he had!–this role he should have gained an Oscar. But alas, he did not receive a single nomination for this film. Anthony Hopkins is a powerful performer, and has a good role in “Meet Joe Black”. He brings a life full of mellowness and partial-grief into Bill Perrish’s life, allowing the audience to feel the pain he is going through, and realize sooner or later that Death has come for him. I give all the thumbs I can give up for the casting on this film!–I could go on for days about how well everyone acted their part, and an also excellent job to the directing of them!

It was written with a twist of beauty and darkness, the camerawork was stunning, the acting was phenomenal, the approach to directing was well-done, and this list can go on and on and on! I honestly have no complaint over the film!…that I can think of, anyways. Oh, and a note I forgot to mention: the music is gorgeous!–Thomas Newman pieces together a masterpiece of a score!

But even for Pitt and Hopkins’s acting, Martin Brest’s directing, Bo Goldman and Kevin Wade’s writing; the film was winged at all the awards seasons. The “thing” of the year was either Saving Private Ryan or Shakespeare In Love. As a personal message, I would say Meet Joe Black deserved all the awards!…except best sound editing. ; )

Please, I encourage you to pick this movie up. Do it on a night when you are in the mood for a strong drama, or a Brad Pitt film, or a magnificent story; it has it all. You can’t pass this one by. Not again.

God bless!!

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3 Responses to Meet Joe Black

  1. Zach S. says:

    I think “Meet Joe Black” has flaws, but I actually like it, too. And you’re right, Thomas Newman’s musical score is very underrated. Terrific score.


  2. Jake Gray says:

    yet…… another to add to my list. 😉


  3. dante668 says:

    I tried watching this movie once but I couldn’t quite get past the first 20 minutes. I might have to try it again and hope the story picks up a bit more.


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