Finding Nemo (2003)

To start: its awfully hard for me to justify how amazing Pixar films really are.  Yet again, I stress the point these are my reviews and they are not targeted to strike anyone’s…chords and anger them in any way.

…And moving back to the positive side of this; enjoy!

Finding Nemo is an animated-adventure-family film about a father-son featuring Nemo, a boy clownfish, stolen from his coral-reef home.  His timid father must journey across the ocean Sydney and search Sydney Harbor to find Nemo.  It stars Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGenderes, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe, and Geoffrey Rush as the voices of this animated feature!  (Running Time: 100 minutes)(Rating: G)

I’ve grown up on Pixar and Disney animated features all my life; I think I made this point recently clear in my first movie blog post, “Rango”( ).  Well, I will say it again, and again, and again!  I love animated films!–always have, and I believe I always will!  And especially Pixar’s family-masterpieces.  One of the beauties of Pixar is that they actually do seem to be like a family from the beginning; that’s how they started.  Notice how Pixar’s man-in-charge, John Lasseter (who served as an executive producer on this particular endeavor), has allowed his “family” to branch out and put on the hat of director like he has on Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Cars, and the upcoming Cars 2.  Finding Nemo is written and directed by Andrew Stanton, who also made Wall-E.  But back to the subject of this paragraph, I still faintly remember seeing Finding Nemo for the first time and being overcome with that feeling of happiness.  You know that feeling?  Just one of those movies as a child–or as an adult–you just are so happy for, and you notice half-way through you have a smile from ear to ear across your face and you can’t help but laugh and love this story.  Your friends love it, your kids love it, your parents love it, your family loves it; you all love it!  Pixar has that special touch to it that brings a connection between the audience and the story.

There is always at least one thing you can find in a Pixar film worthy of note and commencement.  Finding Nemo is one of ’em.

A popular thing for Finding Nemo is the character and voice of Dory.  That goofy, lovable, short-termed-memory-loss blue streaked fish you immediately root for and love.  (Though I am no fan of her work, necessarily) Ellen DeGeneres has a fantastic voice for this role and breathes life into Dory.  Ultimately, without Ellen, there would be no Dory; or at least, one worth remembering.  If it weren’t for voice, there would be no one out there learning (or trying) to speak whale.

(With a brief note on the director, seeming I, an avid movie fan must comment on the job…) Andrew Stanton, the director, does a wonderful job at showing love between a father and son, and the devotion the father has to finding his only family.  This film–with its mood, seeting, and feeling, can bring tears to your eyes if you aren’t careful.  Trust me, I’ve shed a couple tears over this film.

…And Thomas Newman’s fan-tas-tic score doesn’t help that case!  Aw, the musical score is just wonderful!  It fits so perfectly!  Thomas Newman is one of the composing master’s of our day in cinema, right next to Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, John Williams, and that ilk.  If you can’t like the movie for anything else, I’m sure you could fall in love with the soundtrack.  (He received an Academy Award nomination for it).

Finding Nemo opened with an impressive $70 million on its first weekend, ultimately earning over $870 million worldwide!–marking it as one of the most highest grossing films in movie history!  That’s not small ‘taders, if you know what I mean!  (its budget was $90 million bucks)

It also went on to receive unanimous critical acclaim, holding critics with a 98% positive rating!  Not so bad, I’d say!  Finding Nemo also found favor at the awards, earning four academy award nominations, and winning one, for Best Animated Feature.

Oh, because I’m just a big Pixar fan, with Finding Nemo a great movie as well, I’d have to rate this a 5.5 (about) out of 7.

Have you seen this before?  If not: GO OUT AND WATCH IT!  I find a film like this puts me in a very happy, pleasant mood.  It just might do the same to ya too!  Pop some popcorn, grab some sodas, sit back, and enjoy!

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One Response to Finding Nemo (2003)

  1. dante668 says:

    I’ve enjoyed some of Pixar’s movies as well and Finding Nemo is on my “to see” list. Great review!


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