Sneakers (1992)

Sneakers is a caper film with computers, cryptography, espionage, secrets, deception, and betrayal.  The center point of the movie is on a team of misfits, who are paid to break into banks to see accessible they are.  But the government tracks the leader’s hidden past down, and offer to throw away his file of crime if they do one job for him: hunting down a black box which is the ultimate code breaker for all computers.  Its a sometimes lighted thriller that leaves you comfortably on the edge of your seat till the last five minutes.  It stars many well-known and well-diverse actors such as Robert Redford, Ben Kingsley, Sidney Poitier, David Strathairn, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, and Mary McDonnell. (Running Time: 126 minutes)(Rating: PG-13)

A beauty to this films is its characters; both serious and goofy, stubborn and quirky, with personalities that leave you chuckling.  So, the acting should be noted in this film, I dare say!  All the actors (I listed above) have been Academy Award nominees for other performances.  So, when putting together such a movie like this one together with a cast of prestige and famous actors, you can’t help but smile.  You know you’ll fall in love with one of them.  And the funny dialogue and character “flaws” make it even more enjoyable to watch.

Ah, the story.  The story doesn’t show extreme originality or brilliance, except with the way the characters were written.  The caper part of the story is…well, for its time, different.  Because this was made in the early nineties, its when computers were beginning to appear in homesteads more commonly and you had hackers originating, and the government was being operated by these machines.  And the plot focuses around that idea; the US government could be toppled by a simple tappity-tap of a key on a keyboard.  Scary stuff, actually.  The screenplay was written by great writers, Phil Alden Robinson (also directed this flick), Lawrence Lasker, Walter F. Parkes.

Another beauty about this movie is because it was a very personal film.  Those three I just listed above did the writing and producing, and the director assembled the cast by his experience with them in the past; so, all the cast were dear friends of his from local Hollywood.  I’d call that a personal film…

The score by James Horner needs to be noted!  It matches the theme of the movie fantastically!  He is a great composer, wouldn’t you say?

There is limited information on this movie, so I unfortunately must bring this review to a close.  It opened to fair critical reception, and did pretty good at the box office; grossing over $100 million worldwide.  But this movie deserves more praise then that, I declare!  Sneakers should be hailed as a classic caper film!

Hm…I would rate Sneakers a 5 out of 7 stars.

Truly, a fun, goofy, intriguing movie you all should see!

original poster for the film

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One Response to Sneakers (1992)

  1. dante668 says:

    Great review! I haven’t seen this film in years, but I remember it being a quirkly, enjoyable little caper with a bit more focus on the social engineering aspects of hacking than just sitting at a keyboard tapping away. I need to see this one again.


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