Forrest Gump (1995)

“Run, Forrest!  Run!”  That famous movie quote comes from this ‘ere movie, my friends.  It comes from a great movie!

In a nutshell of a story premise, Forrest Gump, while not intelligent, has accidently been apart of many historic events and moments, from Vietnam to Ping Pong tournaments in China.  But his true love, Jenny, eludes him throughout the film.  The movie stars Tom Hanks in the lead, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, and Sally Field.  Written by Eric Roth (The Horse Whisperer, Suspect, Munich, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).  Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Death Becomes Her, Contact, What Lies Beneath, The Polar Express).  Its based on the book by Winston Groom.  (Running Time: 141 minutes)(Rated PG-13)

Ah…an amazing movie.  Both beautiful, clever, original, and touching.  It has so many things that a good movie needs.  You gotta appreciate and respect a film that is able to put all those in one film in just over two hours.

The acting of this film is really, really good!  I’m prejudice and very much enjoy Tom Hanks as an actor.  He has been one of those actors who have God-given talent that is just phenomenal.  He plays a convincing…slow-thinking Alabama born fella with strong moments of nostalgia and appreciation and want for human love.  I also enjoy Robin Wright as an actress; though her character isn’t shown a lot in the film, her part is crucial to the story.  Because whenever Forrest is lonely, thoughtful, or caring, his mind averts back to memories of Jenny.  Robin plays a young, sometimes confused and hurting woman who looks for true love and for someone who can care for her, when the answer is so close–and yet so far from her.

It was written so wonderfully!  I don’t know what else to say!  Eric Roth is one of the greatest screenwriters of all time in my book!  (A couple of the movies he’s written are some of my favs, that’s partly why).  Now, I’ve not read the book, and I know the movie takes out parts of Forrest Gump being an astronaut, a wrestler, and a chess player.

The CGI of this film was a breakthrough up until that point.  The special effects supervisors were brilliant in the idea when they had to put Tom Hanks on a green screen set and shake someone’s hand which isn’t there, but in the end, he’s shaking President Kennedy’s at the White House.  They also managed to add thousands of audience members to a crowd out of original extra casting of 1500.  Oh, and Lt. Dan’s amputated legs; the real ones in the unedited reels were duct taped with blue tap.  So the CGI deserves some credit as well!

Alan Silvestri’s musical score is beautiful.  Plain and simple.  If you love music, check out this film’s score!  The main theme is so…enchanting!  He was nominated an Academy Award for Best Original Score for the film (that year he deserved an Oscar, but I understand, because Hans Zimmer was given it instead, and, well…Zimmer is a magnificent composer who has been given less credit then Silvestri).

Robert Zemeckis’s mentor was Steven Spielberg, I think it important to point out.  But Zemeckis has a style.  It may not be very noticeable at times in Forrest Gump; its more recognizable in Cast Away (2001).  Zemeckis approached the film with a delicate touch and loving care.  He knew this would be a ruined masterpiece if he did it wrongly, so he focused on how to be loyal to book’s essence and feel as the screenplay also showed.  His directing deserves high credit and praise as well.

I hear this movie is more of a “guy movie”.  Eh, could be.  Perhaps it just attracts for the male audience more, like they say.  But I say it might be because…..well, I don’t rightly know how to say it, actually.  I simply enjoy the film so much!

Well, anyways…

Forrest Gump did wonderful with critics, gaining mostly positive reviews.  It also did really well at the awards season, winning six Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Picture!  The other awards were Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Visual Effects, and Best Actor for Tom Hanks!  All these awards it rightly deserved!  It was nominated for another seven (and it should’ve won those as well).

It did very well at the box office, with $677 million by the end of its box office run on a $55 budget.


What would I give it?  An early 7 stars out of 7.  I’m prejudice that way, though, like I said earlier.

If you are in the mood for an original, clever, touching, enchanting, moving drama centered around a loving character, you want to check this movie out!  You won’t regret it!  Its truly a masterpiece!  Forrest Gump seems to teach the lesson of what’s apart of life, both its gains and losses; both growing up, living, loving, and dying.  To do the best with what God’s given us and how we cannot see our destiny because He’s made it for us already.  “Life’s like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you are gonna get.”

the popular poster for the film


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