The A-Team (2010)

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An American styled action-packed movie about four Iraq War veterans who look to clear their names with the U.S. Military, who suspect the four men to have committed a crime for which they are framed.  This film is based on the action/adventure TV series from the 80s.  Directed by Joe Carnahan, written by Joe Carnahan & Brian Bloom & Skip Woods, produced by Ridley Scott & Tony Scott.  The film stars Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinton Jackson, Sharlto Copley, Brock Pike, Jessica Biel, and Patrick Wilson.  (Running Time: 119 minutes)(Rated PG-13)

Surprisingly good, I must say!  Picking it up from the video store, the first feeling was, “Well…this is probably one of those stupid movies, but, why not?”  It wasn’t as “stupid” as I thought it would be.

It isn’t a movie to praise for its masterful direction, its superb acting (although, Liam Neeson was in it, and that made it all the better–those of you who’ve read some of my other reviews and posts know I’m a huge fan of Mr. Neeson), its stunning cinematography, and what not.  Its an action/comedy; so, there’s not a ton of praising for its achievements, except that to successfully make you laugh.

‘Cause its funny!

Now, I unfortunately come before you with the movie review to say I haven’t watched much of the classic TV show this film was based on, but I’m aware of some of the things that showcased the series like, “I pity da’ fool!”.  The original cast members of the show responded to this film negatively, with Mr. T saying it was focusing on the violence too much.  The others were talking about how it didn’t keep the bond of friendship between the four as the series did. (All but Mr. T managed to have a cameo in the film, though; and no complaints there!)

This film deserves a 4 out of 7 stars.  It made me laugh, and I’d watch it again.

If you by chance see this film on DVD as you are passing it by in the video store, library, friend’s house–whatever!–you may want to consider picking it up, sitting back on your couch, and munching down some popcorn and chugging some soda while you watch the film unfold.  (A warning, though: you may choke on your popcorn by laughing so much and so hard.)


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One Response to The A-Team (2010)

  1. Jess says:

    I’ll have to recommend this for family movie night! It looks like something my dad would enjoy 🙂


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