To Save A Life (2010)

To Save A Life is a Christian drama film directed by Brian Baugh.  After a childhood friend’s death, Jake Taylor, an all star athlete must change his life, sacrificing his dreams to save the lives of others.  Written and Produced by Jim Britts.  (Running Time: 120 minutes)(Rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements involving teen suicide, teen drinking, some drug content, disturbing images, and sexuality)

The christian film market today has primarily been making some pretty impressive films as of late.  Like Facing the Giants (2006), Fireproof (2008), The Widow’s Might (2009), The Penny (2010), and now with Courageous (2011), and so forth.  Now, all those films are good, sharing a message, but I personally think that they don’t necessarily appeal to a wide audience.  Their content is geared for a Christian audience–and that’s not a terrible thing, I must stress.

But with To Save a Life, I found something different.

This film went through some controversy with the rating system (as did Facing the Giants when it first was released); a “Christian film being rated PG-13 for almost everything a movie can have”, some said.  This controversy caused those movie-goings’ attention to peep just a little, though.  Well, enough for this film’s budget to top $3 million at the box office.  And that is something to be noted for an independent Christian film.

I am impressed with movies by their story.  I think is what I should boil it down to.  What I am moved by is why he/she did that, or why the door is locked from the inside, or why when they open the door the room is pitch black.  What will happen next?  What will happen to them?  Then the twist comes, and the best ones are those that you never saw coming.  Or the bittersweet inevitable at the end of the film which you do not want to happen, but you accept why it must be done.  Isn’t that what a movie should have?  A great story?

Compared to some other independent films, you gotta appreciate To Save a Life for its view on several different topics that hits the cover of our newspapers and websites today.  Teen suicide is the focus of this film, and I dare say they handled it quite well.

I think To Save A Life is perhaps the beginning of another form of Christian filmmaking.  A way to show all this gobbledygoop that is happening the so many lives today.  Things like that need to be acknowledged and addressed more, don’t you think?

To Save A Life is given a strong 4 out of 7 stars, for its subject matter, its story, and most importantly, its message.

This movie also begs the question: Do you know someone in your life that is hurting?  And if so, what if something happens to them tomorrow?  What if you can help prevent that from happening?


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One Response to To Save A Life (2010)

  1. Zach S. says:

    My friend was first AC on this film. He’s in Hollywood now. I think I probably liked the movie for that reason alone…


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