Hitch (2005)

Hitch is a romantic-comedy film directed by Andy Tennant.  The story, which is written by Kevin Bisch, is about a professional matchmaker who makes a living by showing men how to woo women, but he is about the find the girl of his dreams, and he has to learn what love truly is.  Starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James, and Amber Valletta.  (Running Time: 118 minutes)(Rated PG-13 for language and some sexual references)

When I first looked at the cast and the basic story synopsis, I was not expecting much.  But after laughing through the first ten minutes of the movie, I then knew that I could “make it” through the rest.  And in truth, I’m glad I did.

Will Smith is a good actor, there is no denying.  He is more flexible in his roles than what some folks would admit to.  Every now and then he likes to try his hand at starring in a romantic comedy film, and this was one of them.  The film is topped off with a fun cast that is easy to watch, and all of them at one point in the story makes you laugh.

I’m cutting this post too short, most likely, but in general, I found Hitch a delightful “cute” film that I wouldn’t mind watching again.  I kept thinking of Cyrano de Bergerac as I was watching this one.  Maybe you’ll see the similarity next time you sit down to see it, too.

Hitch met well with the critics and was a box office success, grossing $368 million on a “mere” $70 million budget.

A low 4 out of 7 stars.  A cute, sometimes clever, occasionally goofy, lovable flick you might just enjoy.  Check it out one of these days when you are in the mood for a “cute” film.  (That’s what I would call it; a “cute” film, just like Sleepless In Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, and etc).



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