Most Anticipated Movies of 2013 (May – December)

I realize I have not spoken about movies in 2013 very much these past eight months, so I figured it would be the perfect time to change it right now.

I am going to make a list of movies I am most anxious to see this year (a couple stretching back to May, but I have been very busy this summer), but none will be in any particular order.  I will make some signature comment on the individuals I am most excited to see, though.  Other than that, enjoy!

star_trek_into_darkness_ver4Star Trek: Into Darkness – May 16th.  I was incredibly impressed by the growth of the Star Trek universe the first movie created in 2009.  It took a marvelous turn but stayed true on countless levels to the classic movies and television series.  When hearing Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing the main villain in the next installment, immediately I was hooked.  I am still very anxious to see this one before the summer is totally out!  It feels like one that needs to be seen in theaters.



man_of_steelMan of Steel – June 14th.  Although most of the reviews I have read and opinions of friends I have heard have been mixed, I am still intrigued by the new Superman movie.  I like (but only like) the original Christopher Reeves movies, and only watched the reboot attempt of 2006 halfway through, so I am not gaga over this DC Comic hero.  But after hearing Christopher Nolan giving the movie’s story a boost with David S. Goyer, I was keen on seeing it in theaters.  Now I might have to wait for DVD.  Looks like a good cast, though.



butlerThe Butler – August 16.  My red flags immediately jump up when I hear Lee Daniels’ name, but I judge too soon.  The cast looks almost pitch perfect, and I am so excited to see Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan, if nothing else!  I am going for the cast, which I hope will not disappoint.  Reviews thus far have been pretty mixed, but I will keep an open mind nonetheless!




don_jonDon Jon – September 27th.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt has certainly peeped my interest in the last year.  I realize he is one of those actors who is just trying out everything.  And I mean everything.  For years he has been studying and observing from the greats, and finally, his dream to try and sit in the director’s chair has become a reality for Don Jon.  Although the story may come across as gross and perverted, I think with the right deliver, it could be a reasonably funny movie!



gravityGravity – October 4th.  Oh, oh, oh, oh!!!  (This is the part when I mark this one as a film I am definitely going to go and see)  Alfonso Cuaron has grown on me as a director.  He brought more depth and intensity and drama to the third Harry Potter film (The Prisoner of Azkaban), made an incredibly detailed sad sci-fi about infertility, and now is trying his hand at a space thriller.  What is he going to try next?  With a-list actors like Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as the only actors filling the screen for two hours above earth’s atmosphere, I don’t see why you would not go and check this one out!  So stoked!


the-counselor-posterThe Counselor – October 25th.  Director Ridley Scott, actor Michael Fassbender, Pulitzer Prize winner author Cormac McCarthy, and other steller actors teaming together to make a thriller centered around the New Mexico/Mexico border?  Heck yah!  I have become more and more impressed with McCarthy’s body of work and enjoy reading him quite a lot, so I look forward to his original screenplay that will be adapted by an excellent action/thriller director who knows the runts and bumps in the road of the genre.  He also likes working with good actors, so I think we can already assume we are dealing with a great piece of cinema in October.


thor_the_dark_worldThor: The Dark World – November 8th.  Thor is perhaps my favorite superhero movie of all time…as of right now.  I was sad to hear that Kenneth Branagh would not be returning to the director’s chair for the second installment in the Norse God’s series, but after watching enough Game of Thrones episodes (directed by Alan Taylor, the new director), I’m not as concerned.  I am hoping the next chapter to Thor’s universe will be just as engaging and entertaining as the last one!  Please don’t mess this one up, Marvel!  I beg of you…



316328_188279454659221_43896518_nThe Wolf of Wall Street – November 15th.  Martin Scorsese collaborations with Leonardo DiCaprio are beginning to grow on me.  Enough so that I should naturally be interested in their upcoming drama/crime film about a Wall Street stockbroker who is dipping into the illegal side of things–not too surprising for Scorsese, but we can almost always predict a fine work of film.  He is working with a totally new cast, besides Leo, on this one.  But he seems to be good at utilizing new people in his bodies of work.  So, I am certainly looking forward to this one!


frozenFrozen – November 27th.  I don’t got a lot of info or excuse for this one, due to the fact that so little has been leaked on the web or in any kind of media.  Disney has been keeping pretty hush-hush about their new animated feature film.  Let me just mention these few things: creators of Tangled, Kristen Bell, animated musical, set in snowy-world.  What do you see?  I see possibly another great Disney classic on our hands.  How ’bout you?




saving_mr_banksSaving Mr. Banks – December 20th.  I love Disney.  I really do.  Maybe not what it has become, but I at least like the ideas that ol’ Walt Disney had in store for generations to come.  I also have a deep love for Mary Poppins, the original motion picture.  Now, to see Tom Hanks play Walt Disney himself and show the hustle-n-bustling behind the scenes of the making of this classic family musical has gotta be something special!  Emma Thompson will do an amazing job, as she always does, and probably steal the show with her performance of the uptight author of the children’s story.  I will have to stop by the theater after some of my xmas shopping!


hobbit_the_desolation_of_smaugThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – December 14th.  …Well, what needs to be said?  Due to the unfortunate decision to split the priceless fantasy book into three installments over three Christmas holidays, Peter Jackson has crafted another bit of Tolkien for the big screen.  This time he is only following one hobbit, one wizard, and a bunch of dwarves who do not intend to destroy a ring of evil, but to slay a dragon and take a mountain-full of gold.  The first one was pretty good, I’d say.  I am still assessing it.  I can’t decide completely what I think of The Hobbit films until I see all of them.  Hopefully, this second one will give me a better opinion of the trilogy.


Jack-Ryan-PosterJack Ryan – December 25th.  I was very excited to hear that Kenneth Branagh would directed and star in the reboot of the Tom Clancy book series!  I have no clue how well Chris Pine will do as the titular character, but I am most certainly going to try my utmost to plant my butt in the movie theater seat before the year’s end.  Other than Keira Knightly playing Pine’s love interest, I don’t see anything that would keep me out otherwise!




MV5BMjExNjc3NzUyNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzg0MDg5OQ@@._V1_SX214_American Hustle – December 25th.  Another one I don’t need to explain so detailed.  I was so very impressed with Silver Linings Playbook (2012) last year, and to hear the same team reuniting with Christian Bale and Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner to do some misbehaving in the early 1980s crime scene just made me even more intrigued and drooling for more.  Hopefully another one that will become an instant classic and respect the talented cast and crew that put it so well together.  One I gotta see!





The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – December 25th.  Ben Stiller has grown on me a bit in the last few months.  He may not be an excellent actor, or director, but I like to see him trying new things in both realms.  This will be his third official directing job, and he appears to be attempting something completely different than what he has previously tried.  I think he is a funny guy.  So let’s look forward to–and maybe with applause–at Stiller working on becoming even more adventurous and sensitive.

her movie posterHer – December __?  The release date is not decided yet, but it does not matter.  Joaquin Phoenix has seemingly come out of nowhere in the last three years and jumped back into acting full time.  I am really excited to see him play a very simple role (compared to other parts he has been given) as your normal everyday man who has just suffered from a nasty breakup and is subject to testing the world’s first virtual personal-operating system designed to fulfill his every need.  With Amy Adams, Scarlett Johanson, and Rooney Mara, it should be an entertaining movie to watch.  Spike Jonze (the director) also appears to be treading new ground.



So…this list should probably keep me busy for the rest of the year.  What do you think of the list?  What movies do you want to see?  Comment and let me know what your thoughts are on the post.

Until next time, enjoy yourselves!

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