Catching Up, 2015.

This year has been a lonely year at the movies.

As much as I want my commentary to remain ambiguous and harmless across the web, I can’t help but be personal when it comes to film.  When beginning this blog–gosh, 4 years ago?–my intention was to keep everything in my life distant and unknown to the web.  I don’t believe I have to explain the dangers of posting sensitive information for everyone to see.  There are enough stories out there that you, Dear Reader, have heard.

But I feel I owe you a brief explanation.

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Especially last year, I became lazy writing blog posts.  Believe me, there is rarely a week that passes that I do not get in a movie or two or three on my off time.  Movies, if I have not said it, are very much a source of recharging for me.  Books as well, but we would have to devote another blog to that particular brand of entertainment.  But last year I managed to only write maybe one per month and share it on this blog.  It was laziness.  Pure and simple.  At least the year prior I had been doing two per month.  I am a full-time student, and that being said, I wanted my studies to come first.  When January 2015 rolled around, let’s just say I became a full-time student and than some.  I have been away from home for several months now, but now I’m falling back into the old routine of a hum-drum life.  Although my free time is still precious to me, I write all this to say: I have returned.

At least, for the time being.

I have dabbled in writing–not just this blog, thank goodness–for several years now.  It is a passion of mine.  My time dedicated to it could be categorized as a hobby.  But I take it more serious and more personal than that.  I have ginormous hopes and infinite dreams of someday having the opportunity to, simply, write.


This blog was invented to help with my writing.  Not so much grammar, sentence structure, blah blah blah, but merely to share my thoughts with readers.  I consider these entries as scribbles, ramblings, or rants–which is probably a more appropriate title than Saved at the Movies, but the title will suffice till I find a good one.  Keep in mind, I’m rusty with this blogging.  It’s been over half a year.

Anywho, all this ends with me saying I’m trying to get my swing back at writing, ultimately.  One step towards that is this blog.  So if you have been surviving my spelling errors, choice movie selection, and odd opinions for the past few years, I thank you.  If you are coming onto this website unblemished (or unspoiled), than hopefully we can get off to a fresh start.

Now then.  Just because I have been away from writing about movies does not mean I have been totally void of what’s in theaters, what’s coming around the corner, and so on and so forth.  2015 is a pretty big year.


The first three major films I saw were Inherent Vice, American Sniper, and Cinderella.  Paul Thomas Anderson still remains one of my favorite directors, with the incredible and rare ability to mix mainstream and arthouse cinema with a cast of outstanding actors.  Clint Eastwood came back with probably his strongest film since Gran Torino (2008).  And Kenneth Branagh wowed us with a live-action Disney joy that displayed almost all the virtues of the classic.

This summer I’ve taken in three as well: Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Jurassic World.  Mad Max was not what I was expecting, but was visually gratifying and surprised me with a good score.  Avengers was impressive and still as funny as the last one.  Jurassic made me feel nostalgic for the original and giddy for the dinosaurs.

But what’s ahead for us this year?  Quite a few, actually.

To give you a list of the movies I plan on taking in–with the good intention of sharing my reviews with you’n’s–I have plenty: Mr. Holmes, The Revenant, The Good Dinosaur, The Peanuts Movie, Crimson Peak, Bridge of Spies, Steve Jobs, Pan, Pawn Sacrifice, A Walk in the Woods, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Minions, Southpaw, Inside Out, Terminator Genisys, In the Heart of the Sea, Spectre, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, The Martian, Everest, The Hateful Eight, and finally Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

Whew.  It’s gonna be a busy year.

Might as well get started…



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