22 Jump Street Brings a mixed bag to the table


Even if you did not enjoy 21 Jump Street, 22 has the funniest end credits I have ever witnessed. Do yourself a solid and check it out.     😀



22 Jump Street brings back the fantastic buddy cop chemistry of Jona Hill and Channing Tatum and was directed by Phil Lord and Chris miller.


Ahhh Hollywood, perpetually shoving sequals, remakes, prequals, and anything you can bring out of the grave that reminds us of our childhood nostalgia is far too common. The alure of cash is far too great to refuse. If people liked it, 8 times out of 10 there will be another one, that far too often destroys the entire intent of the first. Lets take a moment to examine a popular franchise, Taken.

I will just point out the elephant in the room. Why the $%@# did they make three of these movies, aside from cashing in on the popularity of the first one? While imperfect, the first movie had interesting characters with familiar motivations, but exploring a dark topic; the sex slave market. This film could have easily been dark and brooding, but witholds its hands, giving the feel of what director Pierre Morel wanted the audience to experience, without shoving their heads in the mud. However, the other two movies (Taken 2 and Taken 3 respectivly) offer nothing more simple as a retread of the basic motivations of the characters while giving us summer action flick fodder.

Thus, like most of my friends, I was skeptical of 22 Jump Street, especially when the trailer revealed the plot followed almost exactly the same line as the original. However, I was happy to find that 22 holds up on its own weight, even if it does tread the same plot. In fact, the film makes a point to reference how close 21 and 22 actually are, but keeping the jokes fresh and the antics increasingly over the top. However, Unlike the first film, the action sequences in 22 feel less stylized and more impossible, due to the physique of certain characters. While played off for laughs, this left me more puzzled why they would expect the audience to suspend disbelief for something as impossible as jumping off of roof tops to helecoptors that are much to far away for even an athlete.

22 also does not take enough risks. While Ted 2, as compaired to Ted 1, feel completely different in tone and plot, although the same joke material was used, I believe that it payed off, creating a hillarious sequle that managed to feel fresh, even if it was imperfect. I wish another crime was commited, such as kidnapping, hell, even test answer sheets.

In the end, I felt satisfied with 22 Jump Street. For about 2 hours, I could enjoy a comedy without feeling like I wasted my time. If you liked the first, you will love the second. If you didn’t like the first, well, I am sorry for you


My final verdict for 22 Jump Street is a B

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1 Response to 22 Jump Street Brings a mixed bag to the table

  1. Virginia Cerezo says:

    Oh, I did love the ending credits. And I found this movie hilarious – I didn’t think it went downhill, as it tends to happen with sequels. And it was very self-aware, which I loved.


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