Monty Python Brings British Comedy to All Cultures


Note about myself the author: I love quotable movies. Whether the movie or not deserves high praise aside, if there is at least a line in the movie that finds its way into my daily vernacular, than I will enjoy the movie, if only from that line. However, it will not affect my overall score of the film. Thank you.

PS. This movie has so many phrases and hilarious memes that they might weave themselves into the review. If it gets annoying, I apologize.


Monty Python, If you are uninformed, is written, directed, and primarily all acted by the British comedy group, Monty Python. Going off of a ridiculously low budget, $329,023.45 to be exact, the group takes excellent advantage of almost poking fun at themselves over it. For example, assuming they lacked the funds necessary to rent horse for several days, they instead opted to…coconuts… and trotting around as if they were on horses. However, it does not come off as stupid, as you would assume. It comes off as almost perfectly satirical of their own film and the story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. The basic  plot of the story comes down to King Arthur, having recently been given the sword Excalibur, setting off to find knights worthy of serving at the round table and eventually going off in search for the holy grail. Every scene is iconic in a sense, which is a great feat, as the movie, which released in 1975, has stood the test of time. From the afore mentioned coconut horses, the battle with the black knight, the knights of ni, sir robin, the “great beast” (no spoilers here 😉 ), the French, the random animations, the “Great temptations”, everything. There really is something that someone will find funny in this movie, even if they did not enjoy it as a whole


Monty Python and the Holy Grail gets an A-

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